Your documents instantly translated

Get your documents instantly translated into 90 languages!

Document formats accepted are: docx, odt, html, po, pptx, tmx, xlsx, sdlxliff, xlf, xliff, xlz

Other formats can even be programmed on request!

A high-quality translation

A translation quality of up to 98% is achieved by our machine translation tool. If a human proofreading is desired, it can be internally done or through a translation agency of your choice.

Integrable as a white label

Xlate can be integrated as a white label. This means that you can use our translation tool tool under your own brand.

Contact us for its implementation, we will be happy to help you!

Your files are secured.

The file translation is fully automated and data is anonymously processed.

Data is not collected and there is no human intervention in the translation process.

Without subscription!

The test version is completely free. The paid version counts the number of words translated and a monthly invoice is sent by email.

You only pay for what you consume!




The test version is completely free and enables you to translate 2 whole documents.

The paid version works without subscription, only the number of translated words is billed monthly.

Each translated word is charged € 0.02 (2 euro cents).




22 February 2018


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