Enables to respect the deadlines

A very large project will take longer to manage for a single translator. Our Mammoth tool allows you to divide the work into several projects between your translators and thus meet deadlines.

Enables to respect the quality

Registered freelancers can see the available projects and select one. Only once the selected project is translated and uploaded, the freelancer has the possibility to select another one.

Enables to respect commitments

The "administrator" interface enables to receive notifications concerning the exact time of acceptance of a project by a freelancer and when the project was returned, the number of words and the comments. You keep control of the whole projects data and can honor your commitments.



The 5-day test version is completely free and non-binding.

Individual license: 12 € / month

License up to 5 users: 50 € / month

For more than 5 users, contact us for individual prices:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




22 February 2018


For sharing big projects


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