Data centralization

With Panda, you no longer need to juggle between emails and Excel tables. All the necessary data for your project is centralized and enables you to gain in efficiency.

Assign a project to one or several translators

The project manager assigns a project to one or several translators / proofreaders in just a few clicks and easily determines the role of each.

Files for translators and proofreaders can be up and downloaded. A space for private notes is available and will only be seen by the project manager (client log, etc.).

A chat to people involved in the project is included to facilitate communication.

Several interfaces

Depending on the user, a different interface will be applied.

1) "Project manager" interface:

- downloading and uploading documents to and from translators,

- private notes, only visible by the project manager,

- private files, only visible by the project manager,

- user management and administration of translator / proofreader roles,

- insertion of descriptions, links and access to codes for each project,

- PO preparation for freelancers,

- "inpersonate" mode: checking what the freelancer sees,

- chat to people involved in the project.

2) "Translator" interface:

- downloading and uploading documents,

- PO space and invoicing,

- private notes, only visible by the translator,

- chat to the project manager.

3) "Accounting" interface:

- verification of POs and invoices,

- automation of project numbers: no duplication possible.



The 5-day test version is completely free and non-binding.

Individual license: 12 € / month

License up to 5 users: 50 € / month

For more than 5 users, contact us for individual prices:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





22 February 2018


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