Translation industry as a business

Unless you are translating a poem or anything related, the translation industry is a business.

And just like every business, it is normal to look for tools to improve your productivity and your profit.

Profit enables companies to hire people, to invest and to grow.

And using a machine translation tool definitely increases your productivity and consequently, your profit.

Plenty of tools exist. Some require a licence, other don´t (we don´t for example).

Running a business is hard enough, and it´s ok to make it easier.


The time has come, here is the last tip to integrate your remote employee with success.

Here we go!

💥 Share your thoughts on the integration and performance of your new recruit.

Don’t forget to put the new employee in the spotlight, whether it is by sending an email to your team, through a post or comment on social networks, or, simply, by giving a verbal or written update directly to your employee.

Involve the whole team, ask for their feedback, and move forward together in the same direction!

Integrating a new employee remotely is no longer a secret for you. So get started!

See you next week !


💥 Do regular follow-ups, whether they are formal or informal 💥

It's important to check in regularly with your new employee, especially during the first week. Ask them how they feel about their first few days and what difficulties they may have encountered. You should involve them as much as possible in the life of the company.

Finding a balance between communication with your team and individual autonomy is not always easy, which is why it is important to review things with your team or ask for feedback.

Once the first week is over, do not hesitate to impose a monthly individual interview on your new recruit. It will allow an exchange and will strengthen the links between you and them.

See you next week for our last tip 😊

Impose clear communication

Keep in mind that your employee, whether it is their first remote experience or not, may feel lonely or unmotivated at times. This is even more important to consider, as your new employee will likely never have seen their colleagues in person.

Therefore, it is essential to keep in touch with your colleagues on a regular basis, by setting up video or telephone calls.

Assist your collaborator with the implementation of IT tools

Since your employee is working from home, he will not always be comfortable with internal tools. They will be new to him. Take the time, for example during a meeting, to make sure that they have all the necessary equipment to work at home: a professional computer, a professional telephone.

Make sure that they have a quiet place to work and a reliable internet connection. This is important because it will show your new employee that you care about their well-being, even if you are not in the same office.

Show them the different internal software that you use so that they can get familiar with it as soon as possible.

Finally, remind your new recruit of your IT policy to avoid potential mistakes.


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